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The boteiro is the most emblematic and recognisable figure of Entrudio in Viana do Bolo.
Depending on their area of ​​origin, the costumes and dynamics of the boteiro change.

In Viana there are three different types of boteiro: Viana do Bolo, Fornelos de Filloás and Vilarmeao

Responsible for crowd control, they charge up and down the streets, pushing people aside with their monca, the long staff, and lowering their headgear to push spectators aside. Shaking the bells on their belts, they use the moncas to leap into the air in displays of skill and strength.


Their colourful and vivid appearance, their huge headgear, their jumping, spinning and noisy bells make the boteiro unmistakeable, the undisputed star of our Entrudio .


The boteiro wears a carved wooden mask, topped with a panel formed of wire and cardboard adorned with thousands of strips of coloured paper. They can weigh up to 7kg! The suit has a belt lined with bells that warn of the approach of the boteiros  Thousands of feet of multi-coloured fabric strips, gathered and sewn by hand, decorate the shirt. The monca completes the ensemble.


Entirely hand made, the boteiros' costumes and masks take several months to put together.

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Viana do Bolo

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Fornelos de Filloás

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