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Boteiro corriendo por las calles


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The Entrudio in Viana do Bolo is a Galician festival that you cannot miss. The celebration begins a few weeks before usual Carnival dates all over the world. Usually in the month of February, locals' desire to dress up and go out to the streets to have fun begins to be obvious. Come and experience the Entrudio de Viana do Bolo with us, and enjoy the party, the fariña, the traditional characters and Galician gastronomy.

Enter our official page to discover the different characters and features of Entrudio. Get information about where to stay and what happens in Viana on these special dates.

The Council of Viana do Bolo invites you to participate in one of the most deeply rooted and traditional carnivals in all of Spain.


Rúa da Constitución, 14

32550 Viana do Bolo


+34 988 34 01 20

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